New Beginnings

My business has moved over 6 times in the last nine years.  Six times I have had to re-establish roots in a new place and organically (the best way!) find clients to photograph.  Clients who have trusted me with their most precious memories and life events and clients who have helped me to feel fulfilled and inspired.  This is my last time having to re-establish a client base and while it's scary, it's also quite exciting.  It has taken me longer after this move to start this process, but I am ready and so very eager to get things moving.  

If you are reading this post and are a prior client of mine - THANK YOU!  Your loyalty is so incredibly appreciated.  If you are new and interested in scheduling a session, for a limited time I am offering 25% off of all session fees as an incentive to book with MHP.  Please use code 25OFF when booking your session to take advantage of this discount!  Sessions can be arranged via the 'Information' link above.