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Seriously!  You know how sometimes you almost set yourself up for some heart break/disappointment/rough times just in case it DOES happen, you’re prepared?  That was me this week.  You see, Hope started Kindergarten on Monday.  I waffled between super dooper excitement and a lot of edgy nervousness on how she would do and how, let’s face it, I would do too.  She was all excitement but part of me wondered if deep down she had any nerves at all going on in there?  I was afraid to ask because I didn’t want her to think she had any reason at all to be nervous so I just carried enough nerves for the both of us!

So, she woke up bright and (too) early Monday morning!  Breakfast in bed?  That’s how we roll for special occasions in this house!


She was all smiles as we got ready and started making our way out the door.  Even Daddy was there to help us celebrate the morning (and pick the pieces of me up afterwards!).

pinimageI did cry, a whole lot more than I expected to.  My baby just looked SO grown up going off to class by herself.  In the midst of all of the craziness, I wasn’t able to get in a last minute hug or kiss!  So, the day passed me by (not quite as quickly as I expected) and I was off to pick her up!  I was SO nervous and anxious to hear how her day went.

This is me peeking in the door just before release, hoping she wouldn’t see me.  Oh no, I’ve been spotted!

pinimageSo, how did it go you ask?  Fantastic!  She LOVED it.  So much so she didn’t want to leave right away, she just kept hanging out.  The week didn’t go off completely without a hitch but when Friday came, she wanted to go back Saturday morning.  Let’s see how long that lasts, right?

Here’s just a few more of our celebratory ice cream after her very first day :).  She was allowed to get as much as she wanted and in true Hope fashion, she went for the gusto! One large FroYo coming right up, with all the trimmings.pinimageHere’s looking forward to week #2!





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