The Vandeway Family | Cape Cod, MA Family Photographer

I love photographing people, I think that is plainly obvious.  What I love even more is photographing people I love.  I’m terrified and nervous and anxious just like I am before every shoot but, the minute I start snapping away and begin creating beautiful images for the people I love, all of that melts away.  I had a BLAST with these guys but, I totally knew I would.  What I didn’t foresee was how much fun I would have editing this session too!  I smiled and I giggled  so much so that my mouth was starting to hurt like it was cramping.  Tammy, I am going to miss you and your family like crazy when we leave for South Carolina next month.  I hope these images are cherished memories for years to come, I know they will be for me!

You might have noticed that my blog posts titles are changing locations.  This session was shot in Arizona but, next month we’re making the move to Columbia, SC and I hope to begin shooting there by the beginning of January 2012.  If you know someone in that area, I’d love for you to suggest me to them.  We can be found on Facebook at


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