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I am insanely flattered every single time I get an inquiry from a potential client about hiring me to take photos for them.   I consider it a gift for me to be able to share in their joy and love and to capture images that will be treasured for a lifetime.  Just a teensy bit better than that, I think one of the most flattering things ever is when another photographer wants YOU to take their family photos.

Theresa and I have been friendly since just after I moved to Sierra Vista, Arizona.  I saw some of her work on her blog or Facebook page and complimented the quality of her work.  It was a pretty instant connection from there on out.  The photography community as a whole can be quite competitive and it’s nice to meet someone who doesn’t treat you like you’re a threat.  We’ve talked shop, shared our inspiration and we both happen to be Nikon users/lovers so huge bonus there!  When I found out they would be leaving Sierra Vista soon, I knew that our session would be happening sooner rather than later.  THEN the nerves set in.  Here’s a little secret about me….I ALWAYS get nervous before a photo shoot.  Always.  Jittery, funky nerves kinda like the ones you’d get before a first date.  I get those before my sessions with you!  It’s not that I’m not confident, because I am, it’s that I’m just so darn anxious to make sure that you’re more than pleased with the images we produce from our sessions.  I was SUPER nervous with Theresa and her family.    We had a great time shooting not just at the family home but also at a place we called Ireland;  an oasis of green in the middle of the desert.  The perfect place to make some beautiful images.  I loved listening in as they talked to me (and their beautiful children) about how they met and fell in love.  I loved seeing them look in each others eyes with a depth of emotion and love that made my heart full.

Theresa, thank you.  I wish you and your family nothing but the best as you continue on the next phase of your journey.  Thank you for inviting me to capture these amazingly special images of your family and thank you for sharing your feelings about them with me – nothing renews my faith in the fact that I have chosen the right path for me more.


Look at this beautiful family!LollisBlogpinimage


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