Baby Alina | Columbia, SC Newborn Photographer

Babies are quickly becoming a passion of mine both because they’re quite irresistible but also because my own baby is anything but these days.  I miss the fresh powder-y smell of baby skin and the softness of their fine hair; the tiny feet and fingers that are perfect miniature versions of the ones on our own hands.  I miss it all.

Baby Alina might as well be family since I’ve known hers for going on 5 years now.  Her big brother Sebastian went to the same playgroup Hope attended when we lived in Hawaii and after a few years in separate places, we’ve found ourselves reunited.  Hope and Sebastian were even in the same 2nd grade class this year!  How’s that for a coinkydink?!

Alina was beyond a joy!  She slept for the majority of our session and allowed me to pose her and move her in and out of quite a few sets.  I’ve been lucky enough to see her a few times since our last session and she’s still a little itty bitty thing and oh-so much cuteness!




Alina | South Carolina Newborn Photographerpinimage


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